New Beginnings

New Beginnings involves a young woman, Susan Bennett, who married her high school sweetheart and was living what she believed to be a perfect life.  Her dream life I shattered when the police arrive to tell her that her husband has been arrested on charges of robbery and murder and that her own life could be in danger as well.  Her only choice is to obtain a divorce, change her name, and move to another part of the country.  Just as she is starting anew, as Susan Grant, the events of her past intrude to threaten her newfound happiness.  Will she be able to have her new beginning?

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High Jinks in High Places

Jordan Anderson, a local self-employed PI, agrees to look into some strange things going on at the Arlington, Virginia warehouse of the Kingman Corporation.  She soon finds herself working with George Kilburn, an investigator for a prominent senator, who is also investigating the Kingman Corporation on behalf of a senate oversight committee. It turns out that the two had recently met socially.

The investigation begins when it is learned that a shipment of navy cargo that was being sent to the naval base in Seattle, Washington, mysteriously turns up in Afghanistan.

Their investigation leads them to espionage and theft of a new highly classified advanced early warning system designed for naval ships that was being sent to Seattle for a trial run.  They also discover that a disbursement officer, who was thought to have died from a massive heart attack, was actually murdered by means of a rare poison; paving the way for the theft to be carried out. As the search for answers continues, George finds himself in route to Afghanistan, not knowing who or what awaits him. Each piece of evidence that is discovered raises additional questions and as their involvement in the case deepens, so do the feelings that Jordan and George have for each other.

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